Oil Cooler Kits

GPP and GReddy/GREX Oil Cooler Kits help prolong the life of your oil and in turn your internal engine components. Hard driving causes higher engine temperatures. GPP and GReddy/GREX oil coolers are an excellent addition, and are especially effective in harsh driving environments. By using a similar inner-fin core design as our famous intercoolers, we are able to increase oil capacity, decrease oil temperatures, and extend engine and oil life. Our systems also offer an internal (or external) thermostat (opening range 75o-82oC) to allow for quick engine warm up. The efficient core and durable steel-braided lines ensure good flow and a leak free installation.

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 *WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm

Car Make Car Model Car Year Type/Size PART #
Mitsubishi Evolution VIII, IX

13row Oil Cooler Kit

Car Make: Mitsubishi
Car Model: Evolution VIII, IX
Car Year:

(CT9A) 4G63 -JDM

NS1310G core (+720cc or +0.76 quart)

Adds 2nd oil cooler to the system.

L&R fender location (OEM & GReddy unit)

for Evo 8,9 twin O/C (factor core + NS1310G)  MR okay

Part #: 12034608
Price: 760.00