Intercooler Kits

The addition of a GReddy intercooler is one of the best ways to safely increase horsepower in a turbocharged engine. By reducing the engine's inlet temperatures, a denser air charge will enter the engine; this can make more horsepower at the same boost level and even more power at higher boost levels...(for more applicatons please see our TRUST catalog.

 *WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm

Car Make Car Model Chassis Code Type/Size PART #
Mitsubishi Evolution 4, 5, 6 CN9A / CP9A

Type24E LS Intercooler Kit

Car Make: Mitsubishi
Car Model: Evolution 4, 5, 6
Chassis Code: CN9A / CP9A

Engine: 4G63

Years: 96.08-00.02

GReddy Spec LS Intercooler Kit
Type24E Core Dim: L600/ H284 / W66 mm

for stock frame turbo
compatiable with factory fog lights

* oil cooler kit compatiable

Part #: 12030427
Price: 615.00